DEUTZ  Air-cooled and water-cooed diesel engine is the product after importing DEUTZ/KHD German product and manufactured with production license by Chinese DEUTZ plant .This serial engine is lined up straightly, The power is 14KW-440KW.Rotation speed 1500-2800r/min combustion style is spurting straightly or vertex flow (low pollution). The structure is rationalize, Operation is simple.  They can used for engineering mechanic, agricultural mechanic, generating unit ,and ship power.

BF 4 M 2012
Emission norms EU II, US T2
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 101 mm
Stroke 126 mm
Displacement 4 l
Maximum nominal speed 2500 rpm
Power output 74.9 kW
at speeds 2500 rpm
Max. torque 390 Nm
at speeds 1500 rpm
Min. idling speed 800 rpm
Specific fuel consumption 208 g/kWh
Length 847 mm
Width 643 mm
Height 741 mm
Weight 391 kg